Retail Sales

We offer a nice selection of new and used firearms, ammunition, accessories and AR-15 parts.

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Consignment Services

Most stores offer this service at a 25% to 35% fee. Why? We offer consignment services on select firearms and accessories at a set price. $25.00 on firearms and $10.00 on non firearm items. This allows you to retain a large value of your firearm's worth.

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We know and understand just how tight your budget can be. We offer layaway on select firearms with 90 day terms same as cash.

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Special Orders

You want it? We can get it. Our network of distributors and manufacture direct accounts allows us to access a great selection of firearms and ammunition on your behalf.

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Receiving Specialists

You purchased it online and now you need to ship. Why not select us? We will gladly receive your firearm, keep it in protective custody and present it to you with a smile.

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Private Party Tranfers

We do private transfer and background checks everyday. Don't jeopardize yourself, your family or your estate. Get it done.

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Buy and Trade

We buy and trade used guns. Whether you're cleaning out the cabinet or just need some money we can help.

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Welcome to Dutchman Brass LLC

Welcome to our new website. We are happy you have found us and we thank you for visiting us. Please keep in mind that this site is still under construction and you may find strange things from the original template.


Request a Quote

So you have found the firearm of your dreams or you want to know how much a bulk purchase of your favorite caliber ammunition is going to cost. Simply supply us with the pertinent information, (upc and/or manufactures number), and we can provide you with a quote. Our quote will be an OTD, (out the door), price.